Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy weekend . . . Whew!

What a weekend. It started Friday afternoon, I met with Tim who got me back and running. Actually, I somehow was able to get my crashed laptop back up on Thursday evening and Tim just came out to the plant to make sure it was ok. Thank you, Thank you Tim your a great friend! I still have a few things to reload (oops, looks like I lost my fonts, live and learn . . . this isn't the first time but this time I will back them up on my EHD) and the drivers for all the printers and scanners that I use. I'm sure I will find other things that need tweaking. We hit the road after I got home and headed out to the lake for our neighborhood Christmas Party hosted by the Yacones, we had a wonderful time visiting with neighbors and meeting a few we didn't know, plus we spent the evening munching on alot of yummy holiday goodies.

Of course, Saturday couldn't be a day to relax, nooo. We were up early and headed back to the city, Jack our Lab had an appointment before lunch with the vet. Dr. Caputo checked out a lump I found on Jack the day before, he asperated it and will analyze it. Dr. Caputo felt that it was a injury from playing with Fergie (his cousin), that while playing a gland may have rupurted, now he is on antibotics for 30 days, crossing our fingers and paws that it is an injury and nothing else. Then it was off to my Aunt's house for my cousin Jennifer's baby's first birthday. Kids, sticky, noisy and lots of gifts, a little overload for me but it was fun to be able to share this special day with Rachel. Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Boy was I looking forward to Sunday, we had my husband's family Christmas Dinner planned. It was good to see everyone, it's rare that we are all together, but it was a good afternoon. I had really looked forward to this day, I had finally finished making Niki's Applachian Trail Journal Guest Book. I copied all of the entries in her journal on into Word and organized all the entries so that they were easy to read. Then I place the AT watermark behind the journaling, added an boarder and page numbers, I was done . . . at least with that part. I went and picked up a notebook and then started to design the front page. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, but I chose the photo of Niki starting her hike and her photo as she completed it. I designed the background paper, picked a grungy overlay and I was almost done, I decided to use the paper on the spine of the notebook and as the background on the inside front page where I added the map from Georgia to Maine. I was really proud of how this came out and I think Niki was really surprised.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Gift Card

After talking with my Sister-In-Law the other day, she was at a loss for ideas. My SIL was planning on giving my niece a gift of money for Christmas so that Niki could purchase the photography equipment that she wants. I told my SIL that I would whip up something for her. Here are the results, it took me most of the evening to complete, but half of the time was spent searching for paper and embellishments to use. I crashed my ACDSee for the third time and I have no idea what I have done, back to tagging.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Computer Crash

What a week!

This weekend I was using my laptop when I received a warning "Trojan Virus" my anti-virus software caught it and told me to scan my computer. Too late, it froze up before I had a chance to do anything. Now the computer seems like it has crashed. Thank goodness I only had a few items on my harddrive, I will be disappointed if they can't be retrieved (I had just backed-up to my EHD a few days before). I talked with my IT friend and will meet up with him late next week, luckily I have another laptop. My real struggle with this situation has been trying to navigate the CS3 program versus the PSE5 that I know how to operate. Oh well, I guess this is forcing me to learn the CS3 program. Crossing my fingers that we will be able to breath life back into my laptop.