Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy weekend . . . Whew!

What a weekend. It started Friday afternoon, I met with Tim who got me back and running. Actually, I somehow was able to get my crashed laptop back up on Thursday evening and Tim just came out to the plant to make sure it was ok. Thank you, Thank you Tim your a great friend! I still have a few things to reload (oops, looks like I lost my fonts, live and learn . . . this isn't the first time but this time I will back them up on my EHD) and the drivers for all the printers and scanners that I use. I'm sure I will find other things that need tweaking. We hit the road after I got home and headed out to the lake for our neighborhood Christmas Party hosted by the Yacones, we had a wonderful time visiting with neighbors and meeting a few we didn't know, plus we spent the evening munching on alot of yummy holiday goodies.

Of course, Saturday couldn't be a day to relax, nooo. We were up early and headed back to the city, Jack our Lab had an appointment before lunch with the vet. Dr. Caputo checked out a lump I found on Jack the day before, he asperated it and will analyze it. Dr. Caputo felt that it was a injury from playing with Fergie (his cousin), that while playing a gland may have rupurted, now he is on antibotics for 30 days, crossing our fingers and paws that it is an injury and nothing else. Then it was off to my Aunt's house for my cousin Jennifer's baby's first birthday. Kids, sticky, noisy and lots of gifts, a little overload for me but it was fun to be able to share this special day with Rachel. Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Boy was I looking forward to Sunday, we had my husband's family Christmas Dinner planned. It was good to see everyone, it's rare that we are all together, but it was a good afternoon. I had really looked forward to this day, I had finally finished making Niki's Applachian Trail Journal Guest Book. I copied all of the entries in her journal on into Word and organized all the entries so that they were easy to read. Then I place the AT watermark behind the journaling, added an boarder and page numbers, I was done . . . at least with that part. I went and picked up a notebook and then started to design the front page. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, but I chose the photo of Niki starting her hike and her photo as she completed it. I designed the background paper, picked a grungy overlay and I was almost done, I decided to use the paper on the spine of the notebook and as the background on the inside front page where I added the map from Georgia to Maine. I was really proud of how this came out and I think Niki was really surprised.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Gift Card

After talking with my Sister-In-Law the other day, she was at a loss for ideas. My SIL was planning on giving my niece a gift of money for Christmas so that Niki could purchase the photography equipment that she wants. I told my SIL that I would whip up something for her. Here are the results, it took me most of the evening to complete, but half of the time was spent searching for paper and embellishments to use. I crashed my ACDSee for the third time and I have no idea what I have done, back to tagging.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Computer Crash

What a week!

This weekend I was using my laptop when I received a warning "Trojan Virus" my anti-virus software caught it and told me to scan my computer. Too late, it froze up before I had a chance to do anything. Now the computer seems like it has crashed. Thank goodness I only had a few items on my harddrive, I will be disappointed if they can't be retrieved (I had just backed-up to my EHD a few days before). I talked with my IT friend and will meet up with him late next week, luckily I have another laptop. My real struggle with this situation has been trying to navigate the CS3 program versus the PSE5 that I know how to operate. Oh well, I guess this is forcing me to learn the CS3 program. Crossing my fingers that we will be able to breath life back into my laptop.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Published . . . 2009 Passporter

When I arrived home on day last week there was a package waiting for me, hum . . . I didn't recall expecting an order, what was it? It was address to me, yeah! I opened the package and there it was, the 2009 Passporter (A Guide to Walt Disney World), ooops I almost forgot I didn't order this but it was "payment" for the use of a picture I took at Saratoga Springs Resort of Ryleigh crossing the long foot bridge and she was looking back at me. I am so excited to actually have someone use one of my photos. Ryleigh just thought that it was so cool that she was in a book, maybe I should ask her to autograph the page for me. You can bet I'm not lending this copy out to anyone. Sparks, sparks, sparks . . . hey Jessica I better write about this!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sofie & Blankie

2001 - Current

It must have been Mac's birthday and I went to Toy-r-us and found this cute 14" stuffed Yellow Labrador, with Ryleigh in the shopping cart I told her I thought this would make a great gift for Mac. Since Ryleigh was only a year and a half year old of course she agreed with me. Mac loved his babies so what would be better, a Yellow Lab for a big Yellow Lab. After attempting to give Mac "his" birthday gift Ryleigh quickly claimed the puppy as her own. The message was clear to Mac, it is no longer yours and keep your paws off. So much for sharing siblings. Mac accepted this fate and every once in awhile he would snitch the puppy from Ryleigh and just carry Sofie (that is what we named the puppy) around to tease Ryleigh.

Thru the years Ryleigh has come to love Sofie and her blankie (the baby Mickey and Minnie print). Blankie was a gift from Grandma Stub, Ryleigh started wanting both her blankie and Sofie when it was time for bed. Needless to say both of these have traveled and been lugged around wherever Ryleigh has spent the night. I have been fortunate that on occasion when Ryleigh has been separated from either one or both of them and a quick substitute is made she is able to go to sleep.

Probably one of the funniest stories surrounding Sofie and blankie happened when Ryleigh, Suzy and I went to Walt Disney World. Before we left for Florida, I had assured Ryleigh (now that she was old enough to understand) that Sofie and blankie would be safe with us and not in a suitcase that could be lost. We always traveled with a backpack for Ryleigh and put her prized possessions in it, it was her job to carry it. We arrive in Florida with no issues, but on our return trip home things didn't go as planned.

Of course, we were sad to be going home after spending a week at Walt Disney World, we arrived at the Orlando airport and turned over our baggage. It was off to the security clearance area. Being the organized person I am we had a plan in place, or so we thought. Suzy whet thru first, followed by Ryleigh and then myself. We put all our carry-ons in the bins to be scanned, removed our shoes and stepped thru. Suzy picked up her bag, shoes and had Ryleigh do the same, then I came thru. We sat down fastened and tied our shoes and we were off to the tram over to the gates. When we arrived at our gate we made one last stop at the bathroom and waited as Northwest Airlines began to board our flight. Lucky us we boarded early since we were at the back of the plane.

Ryleigh took the window seat, then I was in the middle and Suzy on the aisle seat. As I helped Ryleigh fasten her seat belt and checked to make sure that we were organized and had everything I asked Ryleigh were was her backpack? She didn't know, what? Suzy do you have it, no. I didn't have it. So I flagged down the airline attendant who said, "you got 15 minutes before we depart." I was in total panic mode, Sofie and Blankie were missing, I had made my promise. I grabbed my purse, ticket and cell phone and attempted to make my way to the front of the plane, with many people cursing this crazy chick, I just ignored them, I was on a mission.

I ran thru the terminal, first back to the bathroom, no backpack, then a dash to the tram which took me back to the security area. I ran up to the FAA representative "securing" the area (which I had violated) and asked him if there was a lost and found, "over there," he pointed. I approached the desk and pleaded my case, the gentleman checked the drawer, "no backpack, sorry." As I turned around crushed I realized that I was across for the security point that we had used. A FAA representative at that station had just realized that he had an unattended bag (major security issue), he cautiously opened it and pulled out Sofie. I screamed "Sofie, my daughter's baby." The FAA worker looked at me and pushed Sofie back inside and handed the bag to me, I am sure I wasn't the first Mom he had encountered in this situation. I had 5 minutes and my flight was departing, luckily I can run and ran I did back to the tram, hurry! My phone began ringing, no time for the phone (it was Suzy trying to tell me that they were leaving without me, or so she thought). As the tram pulled into the terminal I ran like a mad woman back to our gate. I approached the person boarding people and handed her my ticket, "oops," she said there must be a mistake, this ticket had already been scanned and I couldn't re-board. What! I quickly explained the problem, pulled out Sofie, almost in tears and totally exhausted for my stressful situation. The Northwest agent handed me my ticket and said, "get on the plane." As I walked down the isle to my seat I could feel hundreds of eyes staring at me, I was that lady who was causing chaos when they were trying to get in their seats. I plopped down in my seat, to find Ryleigh crying. Ryleigh thought that not only was Sofie and Blankie gone, but now her Mom was being left in Florida. Suzy had tried to console her and told her not to worry, Mom would have to take a different flight, that Mom would come back to her. Now, as we travel on a regular basis to Florida, Sofie and Blankie are the first thing I ask about, before we leave security.

Sofie and blankie have provided Ryleigh comfort and love thru the years, they are cherished possessions and are priceless. I will do anything (including breaking FAA rules) to keep Ryleigh, Sofie and blankie together. It's my job!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stay in Touch

Family and friends, why is it that we never can make the time to just connect with them? It goes both ways, either we don't or they don't make the time to call, stop by or just send an email. Our time together is brief and sometimes cut short. Family and friends are so precious and dear that we often don't realize this until it is too late.

Call your family and friends . . . send them a card, shoot them an email. This is something you can do today. Because tomorrow may never come . . .

Why so somber? My Great Aunt Grace passed away two days ago and this morning was the memorial service. What a beautiful and inspiring service, with many endearing words about Aunt Grace's character. Two of her sons and grandson memorialized Aunt Grace and truely shared who Aunt Grace was with all of us. Yes, I have my own thoughts and memories, but the three of them really got down to the bones of who Aunt Grace was. Thank you for sharing and leaving me with a gift of who you all really knew Aunt Grace, your mother and grandmother to be. Now, since we as a family have been so distant and neglected our relationship, we need to work together to bond and keep in touch. We no longer have any members of Aunt Grace's generation left, the torch has been past and I intend to carry it on.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stories In Hand - Day 4 (Sparks are Flying)

This class is off to a good start, I am almost keeping up. I think I will use part of the morning to cut and put together my flip binder.

It is incrediable how a bunch of people can become so passionate about something, the excitement that all the classmates seem to have is contagious. I am chewing at the bit to start writing and writing the Stories of my Life. This is going to be my gift to my daughter Ryleigh, who knows even though she is only 9 she may be inspired to write her own stories.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stories In Hand

OK, I am committed to Jessica Sprague's new class Stories In Hand, sounds like it will be a alot of fun and a chance to develop the stories of our lives that need to be told.

Jessica had a shopping list of a few items that we will need, a naked 6 x 6 binder and some 65lb card stock (white/cream/grey). I didn't really think it would be a big deal to find the binder so I headed over to my local scrapbooking store, just my luck they didn't have any but they could order one, I decided to wait. I hadn't been in the store in about a year since I have been digitally scrapbooking. Do I miss it, sure and boy was it tempting to just pick-up a few goodies, but I restrained myself and headed for the door. I was able to go online to and order the binder and page protectors that I would need.
I am really looking forward to telling my stories, leaving a little piece of me for my daughter. Funny thing is that I have been diligently working on my family tree for quite sometime now. My tree has grown in directions that I never fathomed it would, it has become a very addicting project. Not only am I learning names, dates and places of my ancestry but I want to know the stories of their lives, who were they, why did the immigrate, the questions are endless. I have been fortunate to find some documentation and information on my ancestors but I really believe that we need to tell our stories. Imagine the thrill of future generations who stumble across our stories . . . my ancestors will know who I am, why I do the things I do and why I wanted to leave them this gift.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shoot . . .

Well, I didn't make it into the Design Your Life class. I went to register a day too late. Things got crazy at my house and in my life and by the time I realized I still needed to register it was too late. I just hope that Cathy Zielske has another class in the future.

I do have some good news, I finally took the leap and bought myself the Canon Xsi DSLR camera and the zoom (75-300) lens. It has been fun taking it to my daughter's soccer games and practice just to start getting the hang of how it works, of course I dig the Automatic mode but I need to vow to learn how to use it manually. I took the "team" photo, kind of impromptu and it came out pretty good. What I did was print a 8 x 10 for the coach and 5 x 7's for all the girls, which we will be giving them this evening, at least I think that is the plan. The action photos have turned out pretty good, how cool to see the ball in motion, I know I wouldn't get with my Sony Cybershot.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Design Your Life

Ohhhh, those girls over at Jessica Sprague's message boards are getting me into trouble. They began chatting about a course being offered over at, called Design Your Life with Cathy Zielske. Although this course is traditional scrapbooking it sure would give me a reason to use a portion of my "collection" of scrapbooking supplies (that is what I tell my husband all these supplies are) . I have even be contemplating doing all the lessons digitally. The class is scheduled to begin today, looks like a terrific opportunity to learn some new tricks from Cathy Zielske.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Words of Wisdom

"You can't sit around and wait for the storm to be over. You've got to learn how to dance in the rain."

I love it, how true these words are! A friend of mine just quit her job, packed up her belongs and pets, rented a truck and drove 15 hours with the hope that the storm will pass. Was Rachel moving to a guarenteed job, NO and while she continues her journey dancing in the rain, I am positive she will find the sunshine.

I just love this phrase and I hope that Rachel doesn't mind if I borrow it myself!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Twins Announcement

Finished, yeah!

My friend had twins, surprise, surprise in July and before she even had them we talked about putting together their birth announcement. Well, we finally took some time the other night trying to get just the right pictures, it was a job but alot of fun. I basically had the layout set-up and just needed the pictures. So while I was at her house we uploaded, inserted and tweaked this layout and then sent it over to Costco for a sample print. I have to say, I love Costco . . . so for 39 cents each Bonnie has her birth announcements and is tickled pink with the results.
This is just the start of things to come from iTTy DESiGNS. I have started designing . . . digitally for others, birth, graduation, puppy announcements, the sky is the limit. If you can think of it, I can work with you on it! My other passion is to begin designing digital scrapbooking supplies and kits, I have been starting to get the ball rolling on this entire endevor. Watch for more to come!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kreative Homework - Lesson #23

I'm turning in my homework . . . thanks Kimi Boo. This lesson was turning a photo into a sketch. I just love the way this turned out and easy to do! Be sure an check out ( What I did once I got the picture the way I liked, I made a 5 x 7 postcard, added Text and a little brush work. I think I will be printing this and posting it in my office.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kreative Homework!

Just goofing around this evening and decided to check out my Spragueland sista . . . Kimi Boo. Kimi always has some fun lesson on her site, I decided to play with a photo that I took a Ryleigh last night. Here you go, Kimi's Kreative Homework #6 ( Now, isn't fun to have this kind of "Homework."

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I had Homework!

Yes, I had home- work and I will be late in turning it in. My daughter's teacher assigned the parents homework on the first day of school. Why am I late, I didn't know the deadline and I just had not gotten the page done. I really wanted to find time to sit down with Ryleigh and work on it, but the days have just slipped by. Yesterday, after school Ryleigh informed me that our "homework" was due today but the teacher was giving us until Monday. So last evening, Ryleigh and I sat down and began our page. Ryleigh helped me go thru our pictures and then when went thru ACDSee looking for some stuff to use. Then I began to play around and eliminate some of the stuff we had downloaded. With Ryleigh's help we decided on the placement of the pictures and what brushes and colors we would add. Now, the real problem I needed to print this as a 12 x 12, Kinkos, no how about trying out Costco. I followed the directions at and uploaded my layout this morning then I received an email back stating that my order would be ready at 10:30 now that is service at a reasonable price ($2.99) too! I ran up to Costco and picked up my order, it is beautiful. I am very happy with the results from Costco and also the layout that Ryleigh and I have created.

Friday, September 12, 2008


7 years . . . where has the time gone? 9/11 forever changed us; I still get choked up just thinking about that day, it all seemed surreal. Of course, everyone always asks, "Where were you when you learned of the attack?" My answer is driving to the gas station, listening to my favorite Detroit Rock station DJ's who I thought were goofing around (their usually antics') when they said a plane just hit the World Trade Center. Yeah, right what these guys won't do was my first thought, and then moments later I realized just how serious Drew and Mike were. I continued about my morning, driving my daughter, Ryleigh to daycare and alerting the daycare center to turn on their TV that something is going on in New York. I then began my 70 mile drive to our lake to pay the late taxes at the township office. During my drive my husband called, he was to immediately report to his plant at Ford Motor Company since he is an ERT, they weren't sure what was the plan, but please report. Then I called my sister who was at work, disbelief. As I arrived about an hour later at the township office the ladies were not aware of the attack, turn on your radio or TV, I said. Here is my payment, I gotta go. Since my parents live at the lake I quickly drove to their house, they were not home but I let myself in just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower. I just couldn't comprehend what I was seeing, my husband called about then telling me to get back home, daycare called us to come and pick up our daughter they were closing the school for the day. I called my sister who decided to leave work and she picked up Ryleigh for us; we all converged at my house and spent the rest of the day staring in disbelief at the scope of what was happening. We shed many tears, discussed our fears and were just thankful we were together; some were less fortunate then us. May we never forget, I don't think it is possible . . . I am very proud to be an American!

Show your pride with a flag for your desktop -

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Camp Counselor & Teacher Gift

Ryleigh had such a great time at the "Y" (YMCA) camp this summer we wanted to thank all her counselors for caring and being her friends. Also, when I saw this idea on forums from Kari for a teachers gift I knew we had to put this together too! I really liked the kit Kari used Teachers Pet by Melissa Bennett and I purchased this kit also. For the counselors gift I just went thru my huge stash and found a few items that worked with the theme. I printed these out as 5" x 4" cards and folded them in half and stapled them to the cellophane treat bags that I already had on hand.

Ryleigh was so proud to take a gift for her conselors and as college students they were thrill to have a yummy snack.

Of course our real intent was to make a special treat for her new teacher, we kind of got side tracked making these for the conselors. We decided to wait to take the treats to school the evening of her first 1/2 day when they have a open house for the families. We headed for the office first and Ms. Beth the school secretary and Dr. Terry the school principle were both tickled to receive a "treat" and was her teacher Mrs. Brothers.

I filled the bags with a Peanut Butter & Butterscotch Crunch Mix, approximately 2 cups.

Peanut Butter & Butterscotch Crunch Mix

1/2 stick of butter
1 - bag of butterscotch chips - (melt together in a large pan)
add 2 large spoonfuls of peanut butter - (mix until blended over low heat)
add 1 box of Frosted Flakes

I usually add about 2 cups first and blend with a spaluta and once that is coated I continue to add about 2 cups until the I have mixed in the entire box.

Once this is all coated I have two large pieces of wax paper on my table and dump out the pan. I use a wooden flat edge spatula to break up the large chunks and let the mix cool for a hour or so. I like to refrigerate my crunch, it makes a great treat which is addictive!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Oh to be in 4th grade again . . . how time flies. Seems not that long ago that I was in fourth grade, but looks at how our world has changed. Life was much simpler all those years ago, 36 to be exact. I still remember my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Davis at the top of the stairs. Did I worry about the fashion statement that I would make, gees I don't think so. I have to say that Ryleigh's focus this past week or two has been what would she wear for her first 1/2 day of school and getting the right book bag. Now that lepoard print backpack from the last two years seemed to work really well but this year Ryleigh felt she needed a messenger bag from Aeropostale. I guess 4th grade will be a terrific year if you have the right outfit for the first day and a awesome messenger bag.

Birthday Wish

I can't wait, I asked for a WACOM Bamboo Tablet for my birthday . . .

I asked the Spragueland chicks what they thought of the WACOM tablet and it was a consensus that I needed one. I thought I would start with the small tablet and see what I can do with it. Looks like alot of fun and creativity should be flowing.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Organized . . . Yikes No!

Love ACDSee 10 but my addiction to digital scrapbooking supplies seems to be keeping me from completing my tagging of all my supplies. OK, how many things can I download in a day? Obviously too many, do I need all these things . . . I think so! Lately I have been being very selective on what I have been downloading, I'm hoping that this helps. I have put numerous hours into tagging, but I never seem to finish. If only I could put as much time into actually scrapbooking as I do collecting, shopping and downloading digital supplies.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Being Published!

Imagine my surprise when I opened an email from Chad over at letting me know that a photo that I had posted in their gallery was being selected to appear in PassPorter's Walt Disney World 2009 book. In return for letting them us my photo it will be credited to me on the page that my photo appears (my name in print!) as well as on a special photo credit page. They will also be sending me a copy of the new Walt Disney World guidebook after it is released. I am tickled by this honor, also my daughter Ryleigh is very excited since she is the one in the photo, and how cool is that for a 9 year old? Passporter is an awesome site if you are planning a trip to Disney. Basically, you can get all your questions or concerns answered or find the info in their guide books. I often refer to their site when I am planning a trip to Walt Disney World (even thought I feel that I know a ton of information about Disney) I sometimes have to check or verify my information. I have recommended their books many times to friends and family who are planning their own trips. So be watching for their new 2009 guidebook October 15th.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Pictures - GT Cindy

A New Beginning

Wow, here I am looking at this blank screen, what can I write that will be inspiring and interesting? I guess my real inspiration to start this blog has been to share my digital creations.

In May our family welcomed my sister’s new puppy and of course my sister wanted to share her new addition with friends and family. I jumped at the chance to create a “puppy birth announcement” for her. Within a few hours I had the basic announcement worked out and sent a copy over to my sister, she loved it. After waiting over three weeks for my sister to finally choose a name for her new little girl, she decided on “Fergie or Ferguson Jane.” I put the finishing touches on the digital puppy announcement and sent it over to my sister. Sue promptly sent it out via email to her many friends and relatives, she also printed out the announcement as a 5 x 7 photo to share with those who didn’t have email, and the responses were overwhelming.

Was this to be a new beginning for me? Well the ball has started rolling. I have had other requests for puppy announcements and now a twins’ birth announcement! The twins’ announcement is still a work and progress which I will share when it is complete. The future is wide open and I look forward to sharing my creations.