Saturday, August 2, 2008

A New Beginning

Wow, here I am looking at this blank screen, what can I write that will be inspiring and interesting? I guess my real inspiration to start this blog has been to share my digital creations.

In May our family welcomed my sister’s new puppy and of course my sister wanted to share her new addition with friends and family. I jumped at the chance to create a “puppy birth announcement” for her. Within a few hours I had the basic announcement worked out and sent a copy over to my sister, she loved it. After waiting over three weeks for my sister to finally choose a name for her new little girl, she decided on “Fergie or Ferguson Jane.” I put the finishing touches on the digital puppy announcement and sent it over to my sister. Sue promptly sent it out via email to her many friends and relatives, she also printed out the announcement as a 5 x 7 photo to share with those who didn’t have email, and the responses were overwhelming.

Was this to be a new beginning for me? Well the ball has started rolling. I have had other requests for puppy announcements and now a twins’ birth announcement! The twins’ announcement is still a work and progress which I will share when it is complete. The future is wide open and I look forward to sharing my creations.

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