Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moo Minicard - Fergie

Isn't this cute? This evening I was just surfin' and stumbled across this template from dawnmphotography. I couldn't resist playing around with it. Since my sister's birthday is on Tuesday I thought I could make her something special. I had taken a few photos of her four-legged furry daughter, Fergie and thought this photo would be adorable. Be sure and check out this link on dawnm's site.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Digital Endeavors

Neglect, yes that is all I can say for myself. These last few weeks have just been jam packed with activities, it just seems like it is never ending! Ryleigh's soccer practice two evenings a week and a game on Saturday. Throw in a few end of school year activities and a few other commitments and basically that leaves little to no time for bloggin'.

Finally, last evening I was able to attend Digital Photo Academy by Panasonic at The Park Shelton in Detroit with Stephen McGee. I had two workshops scheduled and we were able to combine them into one evening, Composition and Intermediate Photography. Over load! The cool thing is that I had brought my external drive with some of the photos and Photoshop work that I have done and Stephen critiqued them, gave me advice and saw in some of my photos something that I couldn't see, a good photo. I have to say that I was ready and receptive for the constructive guidance Stephen offered, I think I can let myself be more relaxed, confident and creative.