Friday, May 15, 2009

Digital Endeavors

Neglect, yes that is all I can say for myself. These last few weeks have just been jam packed with activities, it just seems like it is never ending! Ryleigh's soccer practice two evenings a week and a game on Saturday. Throw in a few end of school year activities and a few other commitments and basically that leaves little to no time for bloggin'.

Finally, last evening I was able to attend Digital Photo Academy by Panasonic at The Park Shelton in Detroit with Stephen McGee. I had two workshops scheduled and we were able to combine them into one evening, Composition and Intermediate Photography. Over load! The cool thing is that I had brought my external drive with some of the photos and Photoshop work that I have done and Stephen critiqued them, gave me advice and saw in some of my photos something that I couldn't see, a good photo. I have to say that I was ready and receptive for the constructive guidance Stephen offered, I think I can let myself be more relaxed, confident and creative.

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