Saturday, September 13, 2008

I had Homework!

Yes, I had home- work and I will be late in turning it in. My daughter's teacher assigned the parents homework on the first day of school. Why am I late, I didn't know the deadline and I just had not gotten the page done. I really wanted to find time to sit down with Ryleigh and work on it, but the days have just slipped by. Yesterday, after school Ryleigh informed me that our "homework" was due today but the teacher was giving us until Monday. So last evening, Ryleigh and I sat down and began our page. Ryleigh helped me go thru our pictures and then when went thru ACDSee looking for some stuff to use. Then I began to play around and eliminate some of the stuff we had downloaded. With Ryleigh's help we decided on the placement of the pictures and what brushes and colors we would add. Now, the real problem I needed to print this as a 12 x 12, Kinkos, no how about trying out Costco. I followed the directions at and uploaded my layout this morning then I received an email back stating that my order would be ready at 10:30 now that is service at a reasonable price ($2.99) too! I ran up to Costco and picked up my order, it is beautiful. I am very happy with the results from Costco and also the layout that Ryleigh and I have created.

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