Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Camp Counselor & Teacher Gift

Ryleigh had such a great time at the "Y" (YMCA) camp this summer we wanted to thank all her counselors for caring and being her friends. Also, when I saw this idea on www.jessicasprague.com forums from Kari karistamps.blogspot.com for a teachers gift I knew we had to put this together too! I really liked the kit Kari used Teachers Pet by Melissa Bennett and I purchased this kit also. For the counselors gift I just went thru my huge stash and found a few items that worked with the theme. I printed these out as 5" x 4" cards and folded them in half and stapled them to the cellophane treat bags that I already had on hand.

Ryleigh was so proud to take a gift for her conselors and as college students they were thrill to have a yummy snack.

Of course our real intent was to make a special treat for her new teacher, we kind of got side tracked making these for the conselors. We decided to wait to take the treats to school the evening of her first 1/2 day when they have a open house for the families. We headed for the office first and Ms. Beth the school secretary and Dr. Terry the school principle were both tickled to receive a "treat" and was her teacher Mrs. Brothers.

I filled the bags with a Peanut Butter & Butterscotch Crunch Mix, approximately 2 cups.

Peanut Butter & Butterscotch Crunch Mix

1/2 stick of butter
1 - bag of butterscotch chips - (melt together in a large pan)
add 2 large spoonfuls of peanut butter - (mix until blended over low heat)
add 1 box of Frosted Flakes

I usually add about 2 cups first and blend with a spaluta and once that is coated I continue to add about 2 cups until the I have mixed in the entire box.

Once this is all coated I have two large pieces of wax paper on my table and dump out the pan. I use a wooden flat edge spatula to break up the large chunks and let the mix cool for a hour or so. I like to refrigerate my crunch, it makes a great treat which is addictive!

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