Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Published . . . 2009 Passporter

When I arrived home on day last week there was a package waiting for me, hum . . . I didn't recall expecting an order, what was it? It was address to me, yeah! I opened the package and there it was, the 2009 Passporter (A Guide to Walt Disney World), ooops I almost forgot I didn't order this but it was "payment" for the use of a picture I took at Saratoga Springs Resort of Ryleigh crossing the long foot bridge and she was looking back at me. I am so excited to actually have someone use one of my photos. Ryleigh just thought that it was so cool that she was in a book, maybe I should ask her to autograph the page for me. You can bet I'm not lending this copy out to anyone. Sparks, sparks, sparks . . . hey Jessica I better write about this!

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