Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sofie & Blankie

2001 - Current

It must have been Mac's birthday and I went to Toy-r-us and found this cute 14" stuffed Yellow Labrador, with Ryleigh in the shopping cart I told her I thought this would make a great gift for Mac. Since Ryleigh was only a year and a half year old of course she agreed with me. Mac loved his babies so what would be better, a Yellow Lab for a big Yellow Lab. After attempting to give Mac "his" birthday gift Ryleigh quickly claimed the puppy as her own. The message was clear to Mac, it is no longer yours and keep your paws off. So much for sharing siblings. Mac accepted this fate and every once in awhile he would snitch the puppy from Ryleigh and just carry Sofie (that is what we named the puppy) around to tease Ryleigh.

Thru the years Ryleigh has come to love Sofie and her blankie (the baby Mickey and Minnie print). Blankie was a gift from Grandma Stub, Ryleigh started wanting both her blankie and Sofie when it was time for bed. Needless to say both of these have traveled and been lugged around wherever Ryleigh has spent the night. I have been fortunate that on occasion when Ryleigh has been separated from either one or both of them and a quick substitute is made she is able to go to sleep.

Probably one of the funniest stories surrounding Sofie and blankie happened when Ryleigh, Suzy and I went to Walt Disney World. Before we left for Florida, I had assured Ryleigh (now that she was old enough to understand) that Sofie and blankie would be safe with us and not in a suitcase that could be lost. We always traveled with a backpack for Ryleigh and put her prized possessions in it, it was her job to carry it. We arrive in Florida with no issues, but on our return trip home things didn't go as planned.

Of course, we were sad to be going home after spending a week at Walt Disney World, we arrived at the Orlando airport and turned over our baggage. It was off to the security clearance area. Being the organized person I am we had a plan in place, or so we thought. Suzy whet thru first, followed by Ryleigh and then myself. We put all our carry-ons in the bins to be scanned, removed our shoes and stepped thru. Suzy picked up her bag, shoes and had Ryleigh do the same, then I came thru. We sat down fastened and tied our shoes and we were off to the tram over to the gates. When we arrived at our gate we made one last stop at the bathroom and waited as Northwest Airlines began to board our flight. Lucky us we boarded early since we were at the back of the plane.

Ryleigh took the window seat, then I was in the middle and Suzy on the aisle seat. As I helped Ryleigh fasten her seat belt and checked to make sure that we were organized and had everything I asked Ryleigh were was her backpack? She didn't know, what? Suzy do you have it, no. I didn't have it. So I flagged down the airline attendant who said, "you got 15 minutes before we depart." I was in total panic mode, Sofie and Blankie were missing, I had made my promise. I grabbed my purse, ticket and cell phone and attempted to make my way to the front of the plane, with many people cursing this crazy chick, I just ignored them, I was on a mission.

I ran thru the terminal, first back to the bathroom, no backpack, then a dash to the tram which took me back to the security area. I ran up to the FAA representative "securing" the area (which I had violated) and asked him if there was a lost and found, "over there," he pointed. I approached the desk and pleaded my case, the gentleman checked the drawer, "no backpack, sorry." As I turned around crushed I realized that I was across for the security point that we had used. A FAA representative at that station had just realized that he had an unattended bag (major security issue), he cautiously opened it and pulled out Sofie. I screamed "Sofie, my daughter's baby." The FAA worker looked at me and pushed Sofie back inside and handed the bag to me, I am sure I wasn't the first Mom he had encountered in this situation. I had 5 minutes and my flight was departing, luckily I can run and ran I did back to the tram, hurry! My phone began ringing, no time for the phone (it was Suzy trying to tell me that they were leaving without me, or so she thought). As the tram pulled into the terminal I ran like a mad woman back to our gate. I approached the person boarding people and handed her my ticket, "oops," she said there must be a mistake, this ticket had already been scanned and I couldn't re-board. What! I quickly explained the problem, pulled out Sofie, almost in tears and totally exhausted for my stressful situation. The Northwest agent handed me my ticket and said, "get on the plane." As I walked down the isle to my seat I could feel hundreds of eyes staring at me, I was that lady who was causing chaos when they were trying to get in their seats. I plopped down in my seat, to find Ryleigh crying. Ryleigh thought that not only was Sofie and Blankie gone, but now her Mom was being left in Florida. Suzy had tried to console her and told her not to worry, Mom would have to take a different flight, that Mom would come back to her. Now, as we travel on a regular basis to Florida, Sofie and Blankie are the first thing I ask about, before we leave security.

Sofie and blankie have provided Ryleigh comfort and love thru the years, they are cherished possessions and are priceless. I will do anything (including breaking FAA rules) to keep Ryleigh, Sofie and blankie together. It's my job!

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lovely laurie said...

Wow! What a story! I was in a panic just reading it.... :)

So glad you are writing these memories down. They are precious!