Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stay in Touch

Family and friends, why is it that we never can make the time to just connect with them? It goes both ways, either we don't or they don't make the time to call, stop by or just send an email. Our time together is brief and sometimes cut short. Family and friends are so precious and dear that we often don't realize this until it is too late.

Call your family and friends . . . send them a card, shoot them an email. This is something you can do today. Because tomorrow may never come . . .

Why so somber? My Great Aunt Grace passed away two days ago and this morning was the memorial service. What a beautiful and inspiring service, with many endearing words about Aunt Grace's character. Two of her sons and grandson memorialized Aunt Grace and truely shared who Aunt Grace was with all of us. Yes, I have my own thoughts and memories, but the three of them really got down to the bones of who Aunt Grace was. Thank you for sharing and leaving me with a gift of who you all really knew Aunt Grace, your mother and grandmother to be. Now, since we as a family have been so distant and neglected our relationship, we need to work together to bond and keep in touch. We no longer have any members of Aunt Grace's generation left, the torch has been past and I intend to carry it on.

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