Friday, December 5, 2008

Computer Crash

What a week!

This weekend I was using my laptop when I received a warning "Trojan Virus" my anti-virus software caught it and told me to scan my computer. Too late, it froze up before I had a chance to do anything. Now the computer seems like it has crashed. Thank goodness I only had a few items on my harddrive, I will be disappointed if they can't be retrieved (I had just backed-up to my EHD a few days before). I talked with my IT friend and will meet up with him late next week, luckily I have another laptop. My real struggle with this situation has been trying to navigate the CS3 program versus the PSE5 that I know how to operate. Oh well, I guess this is forcing me to learn the CS3 program. Crossing my fingers that we will be able to breath life back into my laptop.

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