Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1st Family Portrait

Last evening was my 1st Family Portrait and I had a blast with the "First Family." Everyone looked great and was ready to play. Cynthia and Stephanie are planning a 60th birthday party for their Mom and as a surprise they got their families together for this photo shoot, lets hope little Bryce doesn't spill the beans. We met at the Henry Ford Estate which is just a beautiful setting. The gardens, river, meadows and home provided a fabulous backdrop for our shoot. Even though we had to fight off those pesty mosquitoes and dodge the goose poop we all had fun. What can you say, we tried everything to get little Bryce to give his mom Stephanie a kiss, bribes just didn't work and the same went for Aleea, she wasn't dishing out any lovin' to Cynthia either. Cynthia's son Kenneth was a trouper, playing with the kids, knoodling with mom and Aunt Stephanie. As we chatted last night, I mentioned to Cynthia that we have known each other 10 years; how time flies. Cynthia was my daughter's daycare teacher. Aleea, Cynthia's daughter also attended the same daycare and our girls became fast friends, this past year they were even soccer teammates. I was tickled to be able to spend the evening with them; here are some of my favorites and I hope Grandma is thrill with her "surprise." Shhhhh!

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