Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Designer . . . Valentine Day Cards

Ryleigh and I are heading to Walt Disney World for mid-winter break and will be gone for Valentine’s Day. Since Ryleigh will be missing her class Valentine party her teacher said she could bring her cards a few days before we leave. After searching the local store for just the right cards to give out Ryleigh was disappointed at what she was finding, nothing was striking her fancy or mine.

Always my little Miss Hallmark, Ryleigh asked me this evening if we could make her Valentine’s Day cards. Of course I jumped on this task immediately. I started with a 5 x 3 layer and I let Ryleigh guide me the rest of the way. Ryleigh chose red and pink as her paper colors. I showed Ryleigh how to use the color picker and we made a layer of each. Ryleigh knew exactly what she wanted; she asked me to grunge the layers so the red just peaked thru. I picked a brush, enlarged it and hit the layer twice, we immediately liked the results, but I wanted to tame it down so I decided to stroke the red layer with white and you can see the results, it was just what Ryleigh wanted. Then I suggested the Valentine Brush which I picked a lighter pink color to stamp with. Then we searched thru my fonts and Ryleigh chose the akaFrivolity, Miss Hallmark decided on white. Then at my suggestion I had Ryleigh write her message to her friends, so I took a photo and then extracted it from the photo and also turned her signature to white, matching the Happy Valentine’s Day.
I’m just put it together, but Ryleigh designed her Valentine card. I think she did a great job! When we were finally happy with our finished product, I showed Ryleigh how to use my photo printer and she printed out the 28 copies that she needed. Tomorrow we plan to run up to Target and pick up a package or two of cellophane candy bags. We will slide a picture and the candy that we purchased in the bag so that she can distribute her treats to her classmates. I think I better watch out, I might have to start sharing my digital stuff with my almost 10 year old daughter!

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