Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grunging It Up

I have been working on this photo since January, well not really. Actually, I started this project when Kimi of posted her challenge on Photoshop Creative Elements forum, Homework #44 back in January. I jumped right in at knew the photo I wanted to use. It was a photo that I had taken this fall of my sister's Yellow Labrador puppy Ferguson Jane at 7 months old. Kimi provided us with a free grungy overlay and the directions, it was a personal choice on what I was going to erase and anything I might add to this project. When I started this project in January I went thru the motions and I was never really satisfied with the results, so I set it aside and today it hit me. Get back to work on this photo. I am all about accomplishments and what can I get off my plate, but I have to be totally happy with the end results or I just keep at it until I get there. Whew, I got there today! In the original photo there where a few distractions in the background, but by adding the texture and changing the opacity I basically made everything but Fergie disappear, I love it. Just for that extra touch I added some brushwork and Fergie's name and date. After I printed this photo I framed it and gave it to my sister; she was thrill and I am sure she will be gazing at it on her desk.

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